At Melville Morgan we are very proud to operate a fleet of the latest Jaguar limousines, each capable of carrying up to seven passengers.  We have invested heavily in our vehicles to ensure we provide the very best available.  The fleet of hearses and limousines is stunning and we take pride in sending them out in tip top condition on every single occasion.

Travelling with close family members can be a great comfort during a funeral.  Being driven together in a private limousine, dramatically reduces the stress for close family, that travelling from one venue to another on the day of the funeral can bring.  It can also allow a little time for reflection, away from others attending the service, which can be useful on the day itself.

If this is of interest, one of our Funeral Directors will be happy to discuss  costs when you are making the funeral arrangements.  If you wish to inspect our fleet, please ask to do so.


A personalised approach

Once we are contacted we will arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care and agree a suitable time for you to meet with us to start the funeral arrangements.

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